Anna's Graduation On June 8th, Anna completed her journey through school and was awarded a BA from UCSC in American Studies. Enjoy some of Gary's digital photos of the memorable evening.

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Anna waits to check in. All dressed up and waiting to go. A fractured elbow and a messed up leg aren't going to stop her from enjoying her day!

When the going gets tough, the tough paint their sling!

Misha brushes up on a little history lesson, courtesy the graduation program

And the Slugs go marching in!

Anna and Jamie heading toward the bleachers together!

You can tell the graduation ceremony is young because we all look at least somewhat like we're paying attention to the speeches.
Next up for her diploma: ANNA!!!
Momthra seeks diversion during the endless speeches.
Annatee is overwhelmed....and graduated!

Anna and Stephanie, the Dynamic Duo:

Roomates for a year, friends forever!

One can never get enough Annatee hugs!
Anna laughs hysterically as she comes to the stark realization of just how much of a dork her fiance is.