Q. Why is the wedding on a weeknight?
A. Because everyone has a wedding on the weekend! How unoriginal!

Real Answer: The Russian Orthodox Church only allows weddings to be performed on Fridays or Sundays.

Q. What should I wear?
A. Dress as your favorite Biblical character! I pick Nebuchadnezzar!

Real Answer: Dress as you would to go to church: men should wear a suit or sport coat; Out of respect for Orthodox protocol, ladies please no bare shoulders or pants. Wear comfortable shoes - there are very few seats in the church, and the ceremony will last for more than an hour. You may want to bring a light jacket or a wrap, as the reception is outside and it may get chilly.

Q. Is Jordy converting?
A. Yes, Jordy has harbored a secret love of the metric system for some time.

Real Answer: Because of his long and devout Lutheran Church membership, Jordy does not need to convert to Russian Orthodoxy.

Q.Where can I park?
A. The neighbors have generously offered their lawns as overflow parking areas. Oh, and we don't have valet parking, so if someone in a red coat asks for your keys, keep driving.

Real Answer: Do not park in the church parking lot or directly in front of the church. Feel free to park on the street near the church or in the YMCA parking lot across the street from the church.

Q. What does a Charmander evolve into? And why hasn't Ash's Pikachu evolved into a Raichu?
A. Charmander evolves into a Charmeleon and then into a Charizard. Ash's Pikachu is quite content with being a Pikachu and has no interest in evolving.

Q. Should I eat before the wedding?
A. We much prefer that you eat before the wedding rather than during it - unless of course you bring enough for everyone.

Real Answer: By all means, if you're hungry, please feel free to eat before the wedding. There will be hors devours, cake and champagne following the ceremony, but it ain't dinner.

Q. During the reception, will there be music?
A. Yes, we're hiring some guy to hold a boom box playing Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" over his head for the duration of the reception.

Real Answer: *UPDATED* We're still not having the guy holding the boombox. Now, however, it will be DJ Ben Lazarus all up in the hiz-ouse.

Q. Where are you guys going on your honeymoon.
A. That depends, where are you taking us?

Real Answer: *UPDATED* Thanks to Gary and Lana and John, we now are going to have a honeymoon. They were kind enough to give us two nights at the Albion River Inn in Mendocino. Thank you!!! Oh, and for those of you who were putting together a fund to get us a honeymoon in Alviso, thanks anyway. It's the thought that counts!

Q. Is Anna changing her name?
A. Yes, you will now refer to Anna as "The King of Red Yams".

Real Answer: No. She likes her last name, and Jordy likes his.