We have been asked by many people what we would like as wedding gifts. We have put much thought into this and have decided that what we truly want is World Peace. Failing that, we'd also like a democratically elected President. But we realize that neither suggestion falls within reality, so the inevitable followup question usually is, "Well.... where are you registered?" Here's that answer:

Crate & Barrel

Bed Bath & Beyond


If you are eschewing captilism these days and would prefer to give a more idealistic gift, there are several charities that we would be honored to have a donation placed in our names:

Causes supported by Jordy:
KQED Public Broadcasting
Bay Area Greenbelt Alliance
Planned Parenthood
American Civil Liberties Union
Doctors Without Borders

Causes supported by Anna:
The Alzheimer’s Association (in honor of Anna's maternal grandparents)
Friends Outside
National Organization for Women
Corp Watch
Habitat for Humanity