The centerpiece, of course, will be the cake. However, there are also going to be many tasty, homemade morsels. Here's the lowdown:

The Cake
Made by Anna. If you've ever had one of Anna's cakes, then you know that nothing more needs be said here. If you haven't had an opportunity to partake of Anna's delicious delicacies, let us just suffice to say you will not be disappointed.
We tested the cake at the shower. It was de-lish! Anna is definitely going to make it again (and again, and again) for the wedding! It is a lemon pound cake with a lemon custard, blackberry and raspberry filling, and a heavenly, home-made lemon butter-cream frosting.

The Food
Don't let the second billing fool you into thinking the rest of the food at the wedding will be anything short of fantastic. Anna's mom, Lana, is in charge of the menu, and if you've ever had her cooking, you know where Anna's mad culinary skills came from. There will be traditional Russian food items as well as not-so-traditional Russian food items, all made with love by Lana (with a little help from Anna and friends).
There was a vicious and ugly rumor going around that there would only be cake and champagne at the reception following the ceremony. Contrary to popular belief, this "Cake and Champagne reception" is far from merely cake and champagne. To this end, we managed to sit Lana down and make her do an inventory of the menu items. Are you ready? No, I mean are you ready?! I'm going to take that as a yes.

Menu Updates

Check back regularly for Menu updates!