The Shower!!! Thanks so much to everyone who came to the shower! Here are just a few of the great photos from Gary and Roger's digital cameras.

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Why are Anna and Gary smiling?
If you knew how much that wine they're holding was worth, you'd smile too!
"What?! All there is to eat are buns?!"
The Fremont Fantastics!
Gail and Lisa, Mother and Daughter
"You know, they said roadkill tasted like chicken. Now I believe them!"
"I want that one!"
John picks out his 35% cut of the gifts.
While others eat, Jordy and Anna engage in ritual plate levitation.
"I'm telling you, Stephanie" if you smack Lana on the back right now her face will stay like that!"
We secretly replaced the chicken Gary and John usually barbeque with squirrel taken from the side of the road. Let's see if anyone notices.
"Honey, just smile and they'll go away! Look natural!"
"Brit, I think Bailey has been staring into Jordy's shirt too long"
"If we squeeze her head from both sides, maybe it'll explode!"
Shawn, Rachel, and Jordy pose for the camera, while Anna ponders whether she really knows what she's getting into.
"She was a brunette. A brunette to make a Bishop kick a hole through a stained glass window"
Shortly after this picture was taken, Jordy and Anna were tragically killed by a freak Giftalanche
"Stephanie... tell Anna to pass the Courvoisier"
"If I smile, no one will notice me stealing frosting"
"Don't worry, people will look at the food. No one will notice the ears."
"Lana won't let me have my food until I put on sunblock!"
"You will all put on sunblock now, and you will all like it!"
On the set of "Newark Gothic."