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Happy April, everyone.

Winter is definitely trying to hang on, as evidenced by Anna here in the snow. In fact the snow has been far fiercer in March and April than it was during winter.

Rachel got to experience "cute" snow. You know, the kind that actually falls gently to the ground and quickly melts away rather than pelting you at a 45 degree angle, making you wish you were never born. Yeah, Cute snow.

On her last night in Utah, Anna made Rachel's favorite -- Anna's Famous Fried Chicken. Her anticipation boils almost as vigorously as the [salad] oil.

And it was worth the wait. Jordy was well equipped with fork in one hand, Guinness (smuggled home on the plane) in the other.

It's 7am and we're going to the airport. Jordy and Rachel pose for a farewell shot.

How can they look so cute so early in the morning?

Oh, and the hat Anna is wearing was made by Rachel.

Since going to the airport involves a 4 hour round trip, we decided getting breakfast on the way back would be a good idea.

Though this picture is nominated for the most bizarre picture on the site.

When the weather warmed up we put out our Spring Door Decoration -- the greetings frog.

The neighbors still have their "No Shoe's [sic] Inside House." We are clearly superior to them.

Last weekend it rose to 67 (before snowing the following day), and Anna took advantage of the heat wave to plant some pansies.

Here the flowers are perched on their side of the patio. We also took advantage of the weather to actually clean our patio (please ignore the broom and mop in the corner).

Anna has made a few new shirts for me since spring break! This we have dubbed "Private Eye" and it features a noir comic done in vibrant reds, turquoises, and yellows.

This fabric was originally named "Nana's Pond," but for Jordy to wear a shirt called "Nana's Pond" would be a bit too gay (no offense Nana).

We've decided to call it "Apocalyptic Wetlands."

If you remember my fantastic diagram in this entry, then this should be no surprise at all. We've got two new bookshelves that took all our books off the floor. But as I mentioned in that post as soon as we filled the shelves we found more books. You can see one of the new stacks to the left of the brown bookshelf. This place is too small.

Our new living room arrangements from a slightly different angle. One of the nice things is that with the TV in the corner it's still very watch able, but no longer dominates the focus of the room (can you tell we've been watching too much HGTV?)

On spring break, we went to Cost Plus in Mountain View where we ran into my friend Sarah after many years (Hi Sarah). Anna also insisted I buy this cute elephant lamp. I resisted, but resisting the will of Anna is a fruitless gesture. It really is perfect, though.

We were more than a little surprised to come home last Friday to find a big box of pots and pans from Lana and Gary on our doorstep. Here Jordy examines the contents.

Here they are all set out in our kitchen. They've already gotten quite a bit of use and are absolutely fabulous! We are incredibly grateful!

It's Cache Valley. Or as we like to call it "Lack of Cash Valley." Anna decided to snap this picture on our way back from the airport.

Happy Spring everyone! It's been a long, dreary winter!