We begin at the end... of the Memory Walk, that is!

First we would like to take a moment and thank everyone who helped us exceed our fundraising goal this year! Thanks to your help we were one of the top fundraising teams of our size. THANK YOU!

Aside from an extremely worthy cause, we were also blessed with spectacular weather, and, oh yeah, that view. To your left is a little thing we like to call the Bay Bridge.

And there's that other bridge you might have heard about at some point.

Look who we found!

Jordy's Mom, Jan, was there to walk with the Los Altos United Methodist Church team -- the number one fundraising team, period. They raised $30,000!

Who wears a red fedora to a memory walk? Oh that'd be Da Mayor, Willie Brown. Okay, he's not the mayor anymore, but he'll always be Da Mayor. And his call-to-arms to find a cure for Alzheimer's was rousing indeed!

We were led by, uh, these guys. We decided they were "The Alzheimer's Band You Won't Soon Forget."

Fortunately they didn't make it much past the first quarter mile. Guess those kilts chafe.


In a commentary on the sad state of funding of public transportation, the only bus back to San Francisco was stormed by angry white people determined to get a seat!

Actually, this is the start of the walk! It was a 3 mile walk, and this was the beginning. There were nearly 10,000 people there!

(though we did feel a little sorry for the people actually on that bus who really did want to get somewhere. I guess when 10,000 pedestrians cross the street, you stop)

Like lemmings, they cast themselves towards the bay.

The walk was so grueling that this mans head exploded!

...Or maybe he just unfortunately stood in front of our shot of the fire boat which dazzled the walk along the shoreline and delivered a custom rainbow for our benefit.

It truly was a spectacular day for everyone involved. It was a touching day, as well, to see so many people there who have lost, or are losing loved ones. And finally it was a hopeful day, because while everyone there had been touched by this disease in one way or another, everyone there was united in ending it.

The final bend!

And the end! Jordy and Jan pose at the finish line.

Thank you again for everyone who helped make this possible. We were deeply moved by your generosity. Thank you.

Back in Guerneville, we are still without health care, but at least we had a doctor pay a house call. Dr. Mara, that is!

She stopped by to spend two days with Anna, as they talked and traipsed around the wine country.

The now-ubiquitous picture of the side of Jordy's head.

This has got to stop.

And here is a quick glimpse of our newest addition to our family, Kione! This was just after we got her, so note that she's significantly smaller than now, as she has become a FELINE EATING MACHINE. We call her Kione, Kiki or the Abrams tank!

And here she is: Kione, evil (and well fed) genius.

In this more recent photo, you can see that she doesn't even fit in the picture! She's Huge!

Okay, not really. In fact, it's just Kione's way of showing off her bling.


Here are the two feline ladies of the river house.

And we should state that Jordy and Shurik now comprise the minority male contingent. And about Shurik, he's not in any of these pictures because photo negotiations with his agent fell through at the last minute. Maybe next update he'll be more agreeable (and affordable).

Proof that even cats can take bad pictures.

Here we'll leave this update on a sunny morning on Treasure Island, where we walked for hope. Thank you everyone, once again!