So, after teaching summer school and working we were certainly ready for a little vacation. But not before one last Utah adventure.

A few nights before we were slated to leave, Jordy went out to get Aggie Ice Cream. On the stairs outside was a pigeon who looked at Jordy. Upon returning, the same pigeon was there still looking at him. Anna knew just what to do. She brought the pigeon in and gave it food and water (and shelter in the cat carrier - you've never seen a cat want to get in to a cat carrier more than that night!). With a little R&R the pigeon looked significantly better in the morning and promptly flew away, thus ending our pigeon saga.

As if the pigeon were enough...

Menagerie Update: Adding to the collection of fish and cat and (almost) pigeon, Anna adopted Miles, a beta fighting fish. Welcome to our zoo.

In the foreground are a bouquet of sweet peas from our garden.

Before going Anna found time to make Jordy a cool Amazon Women hat.

Then we were off! We started just after 6pm on a Thursday. Here we are only an hour into the trip, heading south on I15.

And here's Jordy driving. Not to be confused with this picture of Jordy driving. Or this picture, either. No, in this picture Jordy is much, much more tired (although he's hopped up on caffeinated coffee candies).

Ah yes, the Tree of Utah. It's supposed to be art. You be the judge.

The Great Salt Lake at sunset. Sad, but we were still driving when the sun came back up the next morning.

Time: 1:30 am.

Place: Flying J in Winnemucca, NV

Subjects: One Anna and one angry cat.

Disposition: Tired of being in the goddamned car.

We survived the trip only to be attacked by Momthra upon entering the house. Despite being severely out armed, Jordy managed to hold off Momthra and her sword and squash with his pot lid and burner. What he lacked in firepower he made up with in determination.

Shurik, unfortunately, wasn't so lucky. So we ate him.

Okay, no, just kidding. That's one of Gary's smoked chickens. One, because we ate the other. Mmmm. Of course this roasted chicken picture should in no way be confused with this roasted chicken picture. Or this one either.

We would be on the houseboat on Misha's 23rd birthday, so we celebrated ahead of time with a levitating cake.

And here's Misha's birthday cake. Please don't confuse it with this cake or even this cake.

We got all dressed up because Owen and Sce offered to take us to a swanky steak house in Palo Alto. We, of course, accepted. Here we pose before a night of great steaks, great drinks, great pool, and a great Volkswagen Microbus car fire. What a night!

The following night we were able to catch Misha's newest band opening for his other band, Atomic Mint.

After setting up, Misha here solos on the ancient Chinese song "tu-ning"

And here they are in full swing. We only regret that we don't remember the band's name (sorry Misha! Guess you'll have to send us a cd to jog our memories). Atomic Mint followed. It was raaaad.

Afterwards Anna got to hang with this cute bass player. She asked him for an autographed set list which he promised but hasn't materialized yet.

We thought it would be nice to have Shurik visit with Anna's grandparents. Here Baba pets him.

Jordy holds Shurik while Deda gets his pet on.

While we headed off for lake Oroville, Misha stayed home and catsitted Shurik for us. Or maybe it was that we left Shurik to Misha-sit. You decide.

Off to the lake! Lake Oroville, that is. Here we are deep in the middle fork. Think of it like Heart of Darkness with much better food and company.

Rachel (you remember Rachel!) and Jordy (and his hat, don't forget the hat!) converse in the shade proffered by Tentus Erectus™

Most of the week we stayed tied up here, in Shurik's cove. Wait, you say, didn't you leave Shurik in Misha's care (or vice versa)?

This is why we called it Shurik's cove: this rock looked just like Shurik peeking out at us. Okay, well we thought it did. It was hot, alright? And we were waterlogged. It does look like Shurik! It does it does it does!

Lisa relaxes listening to the Best of Pat Benetar. We're not kidding about that, either. Note the grim, determined expression

And after Pat Benetar, it's Magnolia, her niece. Magnolia's wailing, I assure you, was preferable to Benetar's.

"Hey, Rachel?"


"Do you know what time it is?"




Gary and John try not to think about the ravers and instead think about wonderful wine.

"Wait, those bubbles are from the fish aren't they? AREN'T THEY?"

Here Rachel and Anna dress in the houseboat ceremonial garb.

Wait, I didn't know the Olsen twins were on this boat? And when did they dye their hair?

While the rest of the boat slept (Rachel and Anna are sleeping just beyond the pilothouse there on top), Jordy climbed up the waterfall and took this shot of houseboat in Shurik's Cove.

It's Gary and Maggie.

Babies -- the latest houseboat must-have! That Maggie sure gets around.

This is what dinner on the houseboat every night looked like. Great food, great folks, great times!


Raquel De Muerte demonstrates how large the fish that got away was.

Rachel was kind enough to show the brunette Olsen twins how to make friendship bracelets. That was until their argument over which colors to use erupted into a fistfight and they tried to strangle each other with the colorful creations. Now they're known as ENEMY bracelets.

We smuggled illegal sparklers in from Utah so we could have fun on the houseboat. Note: do not confuse these sparkler pictures with, say, this sparkler picture.

It's the "Blair Witch Project" meets "The Ya-Ya Sisterhood."

Alas, the week ended and we said goodbye to Shurik's Cove and the waterfall.

Rachel and Anna celebrate the Bridges of Butte County.

heh heh, I said Butt. heh heh

And here's where we'll leave you for now. We're finishing up the roll that has the last bit of our California trip and the beginning of school. Enjoy the dog days of summer everyone!