While the majority of our time is taken up teaching and studying, we do read and watch things in order to try to relax. Here's an idea of what we're up to!

(Updated 7/28/03)

Yes, I actually went to a movie! I had to see "The Biscuit" when it came out, and Jordy bought us tickets for opening weekend. It's quite faithful to the book, and the casting is wonderful. Oh, and the horses are great!
A friend sent me Radiohead's latest, "Hail to the Theif." I was extremely surprised and stoked. It's quite good and has some great tracks.
I've been meaning to get this since it came out. I was quite happy to find it on the clearance table at Borders. It is mine and it's destined for the Houseboat.
I was supposed to save this for the upcoming houseboat. I told myself, "just a couple chapters." Now I'm over four hundred pages into it. Guess I'll find a different book for the houseboat!
A little light reading, eh? Another houseboat book, and a seminal text in African American studies.
I went with my friend John to see "Pirates." What fun! I've heard some people say it's just like the ride, but, you know, it's a lot more fun!