As you can see, the snow has descended upon Mount Mormonia. Unfortunately, it hasn't fallen much farther.

This was a killer storm coming in from Idaho. We had freezing rain, hail and slushy snow for three days. Unfortunately none of it stuck except on the mountains.

Anna and Greg pose on the walk from campus to our apartment. We have no idea whose car this is. Incidentally, this is just before we cut through the cemetery.

Same location, basically, but without Anna and Greg. We wanted to showcase the scenery on our walk home. That gap between the hills is Logan Canyon which leads out to Bear Lake.

The day before Thanksgiving the water main decided to explode at 4 in the morning. This is later that day where the Logan City folks have the road torn up trying to repair the 10 foot section of 15 inch diameter pipe.

Anna and Jordy supervise the burying of their evil students.

Okay, really it's another shot of the repairing of the water main. Do notice, though, the slick and empty parking lot in the background. We had friends who had cars in that lot when the main blew and found 3 feet of water inside as a result. Not good. Fortunately, we're on the other side of the complex.

The housing office still had water, so Jordy took the cooler there and filled it up. It's not terribly sanitary, but came in handy for flushing the toilet (though they did have port a-potties. Anna commented on how evil it would have been to use one of those things in the middle of the night when the temperature dropped into the teens).

It's Anna carving our very first Thanksgiving turkey. Despite our Easy-Bake-Oven, the bird turned out spectacular (due, primarily, to Anna's Ultra Super cooking skills).

Getting the turkey to that state was hard work. Here, Jordy and Anna kick back for a rest.

We moved things around to give us the most room. The kitchen table took front and center in the family room and the Royce chairs were temporarily relocated into the kitchen where we put them to good use.

Jordy with Greg and Nina shortly before we gorged ourselves on Anna's delicious fixings.

Just as the picture was snapped, a giant pie crashed through the ceiling and covered us.

Actually, our camera has been giving us problems advancing lately, so we've gotten a number of these funky double exposures. Here you see both Anna's awesome pumpkin pie, as well as Jordy, Greg and Anna at the table.

Do not stare directly into the pie.

The following day Anna fortified herself with pancakes for the upcoming sale shopping.

Jordy likes to make pancakes whenever he can, and here Anna enjoys the results.

Jordy and Anna cling to each other shortly before being killed in the post-Thanksgiving crush of women in reindeer sweatshirts wielding bolts of discounted Christmas calico.

Later that night, Jordy tapes lights up around our front windows. This photo is staged. Anna really did most of the work, but refused to have her picture taken because she said her hair looked horrible as she could not be distracted from cooking long enough to shower.

She showered shortly after this picture was taken, don't worry.

And this is what the lights look like now.

We also have lights on our back porch. There are two other apartments in our courtyard that have lights in their back, but we're the only colored lights. Coincidence?

The spooky ghost has been retired in favor of a more demure bow. In an example of "bow-envy" our neighbors have augmented their standard door decoration (which consists of a "NO SHOES IN HOUSE" sign) with a giant, garish wreath with little stuffed teddy bears on it. No picture of it yet, but we might have to photograph it after we set it on fire.

The bold flavors of the West can only be captured in panoramic, which is why the chicken in our Ronco Rotisserie appears so large. Here we see the final product which came after we "set it and forgot it."

Anna's diploma showed up last weekend and we wanted to take this dramatic action shot of the diploma hanging precariously in its frame. I smell a Pulitzer for this amazing action photo!

Feliz Navidad Everyone!

We're ending here with our beautiful little Christmas tree. We'll have more pictures after the New Year!