Anna in "Snow Taliban." No, actually we thought it was a good idea to go outside to see what a -6 night felt like. Well, one of us did and one didn't. Guess which one didn't?

Jordy has been keeping our soda outside to keep it cold. Well, when it's below zero you get more than cold Coke. You get Cokecicle (not to mention you can't hold the can).

When it warmed up a little bit (20 degrees), Anna and Jordy decided to take Mary and Nina on a drive up Logan canyon. This is the Logan river, about ten minutes from our apartment at a place called Lower Dam.

At the Lower Dam again, Jordy and Anna pose in a winter wonderland.

With the temperature dropping the further up the canyon we drove, the snow got deeper. You can see the snow covered aspens here with the pine trees.

This was about twenty miles up the canyon. Not too far from this spot snow mobilers enjoy some wide open running. For us, we enjoyed the serenity of a cold mountain day.

More snow pictures.

And another for good measure.

Finally we reached our destination -- the lookout over Bear Lake. We had driven out here to check on some students we kept chained to a tree in the wilderness.

Since we were there, we figured we'd pose a bit.

Nina, Anna, and Mary huddle together for warmth.

By now the hypothermia was setting in. They felt no pain.

...and all the search party found was a blue Corolla at the overlook and this roll of film...

You'd think we would've taken the 4Runner. We figured for four people the little blue car would be more comfortable (plus we had more gas in it).


"Here's a toast to a weird picture!"


"Yes, Nina?"

"Jordy sure knows how to handle his corkscrew."

"Yes he does."

Remember the beginning pictures of the postage stamp quilt that Anna was making in the last set of pictures? Here it is nearing completion. Anna is pin-basting the quilt layers.

And here she is quilting the border.

It's hand quilted!


Anna proudly displays her first Utah quilt!

You can get a better idea of the quilt's size laid out on our queen-sized bed.

And here the quilt is already in good use.

Stay warm everyone!