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Yeah, it's cold.

Once we got back from the airport from Christmas break, we were faced with the daunting task of unpacking.

We quickly resumed normal life. Here Jordy makes pancakes. These were Jordy's first batch of banana-walnut pancakes. They were wonderful!

Oh, and you probably heard about this on the nightly news: Anna is making something for herself. Specifically, it's a postage-stamp quilt (for non-quilters, that doesn't mean it's made with real postage stamps, but rather with random 3 inch squares... this). The quilt top is done and with this paycheck we purchased the border, the back and the batting. Of course we'll have pictures when it's totally done!

We've grown accustomed to stretching our food dollars (few that there are) as far as they possibly can go. One nice addition was acquiring Gary's legendary meatball recipe. We have enjoyed the finished product with several Graduate Instructor friends. (Please ignore the phallic imagery in the background).

Because time is a precious commodity for grad school students, we've taken to multi-tasking our leisure time. Here Jordy demonstrates -- "Read a page, play a diddy, repeat."

We did take time to host a Superbowl party (though we now wonder why we bothered). Here we are shortly before kickoff, hopeful that the Raiders will kick ass.

Shortly before half-time, and spirits are flagging. From left, Melissa, John, Liz, Ellis, and Mary's arm hope for a turnaround.

"Look, Gannon, I don't care how many times they're blitzing you, you need to... Oh, Anna, I'm talking to the Raiders. I'm giving the halftime pep-talk."

Actually, it was Owen on the other end, commiserating. Owen and Sce had already turned the game off in favor of "My Fair Lady." We stuck it out until the bitter end (and was it ever bitter!).

This is Old Main, the building you see from the webcam.

It occurred to us that you've never seen the outside of the building we work in. So, if you turn 90 degrees to the left from Old Main, you will be staring at this -- Ray B. West (which houses the English Department). On the left of Ray B. West is the Family Life building which houses families. For life. Really it's for Family Life majors (really... this is Utah, after all).

This is from the storm we had two weeks ago (as is the pictures of Old Main and Ray B. West). The woman in the left of the picture bailed hard-core shortly after this picture was taken. We laughed (no pedestrians were injured during the shooting of these photos).

Looking at the car, Anna says, "Screw teaching today, let's go back to bed!"

While Anna makes sure the heater works in the car, Jordy scrapes off the snow. Little did he know Anna locked the doors and wouldn't let him in until he proclaimed her the King of Red Yams.

It's Anna starring in, Crouching Grad Student, Hidden Snow Ball.

Jordy retaliates. "I am a snow-ninja" he declares. "I strike silently, deadly, and coldly."

"You're a dufus, Jordalope," Anna responds (besides, he missed even at that close range -- dork!).

Anna engages in a popular Utah sport -- Xtreme Snow Swinging™. Unfortunately, her butt froze to the seat of the swing (who's the dork now, Annatee?).

After gaining "mad air" Anna endures a "wipeout" off the "Xtreme Snow Swing™"

Anna reenacts the Stolpa Saga.

Actually she's making a snow angel. It was very cute.

It's the traditional Aggie Village Snow Picnic. No, actually, this is what grad students eat when we run out of money to buy food.

Bucephalus sleeps soundly under her snow blankie.

Jordy clears off Azurita in order to go to Wal-Mart to get these pictures developed.

We'll leave you with this beautiful winter shot taken today. Happy Valentine's day, everyone! We'll be back with more pictures soon!