This latest set of pictures chronicles us....
This is Nevada. It was the 36th state admitted to the union, and this is what most of it looks like. Yeah, pretty exciting.
Jordy looks pretty excited and animated. He's not. It was really just for the benefit of this photo. Really he was fighting to stay awake amidst miles and miles of sagebrush.
See those cones? We're convinced they were just to keep you paying attention. They went on for miles at a time and there was nothing there. Nothing being worked on. Just cones, highway, and the ever-present sagebrush.
Recovery Room: after driving 13 hours, we spent the night in Elko, NV. Anna is shellshocked. Lana practices her stage act to gather tips for the night. Gary makes sure his hand is still properly attached to his wrist. And John prays towards Mecca.
The next day we prepare to depart scenic Elko. Those are our two trailers which contain everything we own.
After Elko, to be fair, the Nevada landscape did start to improve slightly.
Farewell: after a lovely breakfast at Angie's Diner in Logan, we bid Gary, Lana, and John goodbye. Without the trailers, they made much better time, but it's not the kind of drive you do for fun.
With everyone gone, we get to face unpacking and setting up. The next several pictures are a series of before and after pictures. I'd say it looks much better now!



Our bedroom is tiny (7x9) but we don't spend a lot of time in it anyway. This is our "dresser" (the real dresser that holds, you know, clothes, is in the closet.!
Charmander and Pikachu recline on our lovely bed, surrounded by the Siam bed canopy. Jordy did not think this thing was going to work out, but it turns out the Siam canopy is pretty darn cool. Thanks Diane, Alex, Lisa, and Gail!
This is Anna's corner of our "office" in the apartment's "master bedroom". Notice how clean it is.
And this is Jordy's desk. Notice how cluttered it is. It has only gotten worse.
In the same room, we managed to set up a folding table for Anna to use as a makeshift sewing table. "I love it!" she declares. This is also much more cluttered, as Anna is preparing to make a bunch of shirts.
From Anna's sewing table, looking out towards the hall. Notice that we took the door off the hinges. It was just getting in the way, and now we have a lot more room.
Anna's first attempt at making cookies here. "Curse this gas oven!" Really, they tasted great.
In our "family room" we decided we didn't have room for a couch, so instead we bought two pimpy Royce Chairs from Cost Plus. No, they don't have a Cost Plus anywhere in the state of Utah -- those babys made the trip with us, and boy was it worth it!
This is the view out our back door.
Stack of boxes....(before)
...stack of boxes (after, and currently).
And here we leave you with a shot of our apartment from the sandbox. Notice Anna's beautiful flower boxes, and the looming stack of broken down boxes peeking their way out. It's our home!