It's Fall for

The view from our "backyard" proves it's not summer anymore!
See, the patio is now clean. And our cute pumpkins provide that perfect fall touch.

Our patio is clean because we moved all our crap to our neighbors' patio.

No, really, they just moved in last night (don't ask why last night).

Anna has Spooky Ghost set up on our front door to keep the Halloween spirit.

Anna on the way to school: "It's frickin' cold. Can we get in the damn car now?!"

Outside temperature at time of photo: 34 degrees.

The day after it snowed. This is our view on the drive to school. Note the snow on the mountains in the background. Oh, and don't miss the lovely cemetery to the left.

In the Ray B. West building, on the fourth floor, room 402, all the way against the far wall under the skylight sits Jordy at his self-proclaimed "ugly desk" in his office.

By the way, Malcolm X is saying "I will grade these papers BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY

Jordy and Josh sit at their desks and look thoughtful. For that reason alone you can tell this was a staged photo.

Anna wows yet another student with her brilliance. Anna finishes every conference with the phrase, "You may now kiss my ring."

Actually, this is Anna's friend Liz, a fellow graduate instructor. Please note that strategically above Liz's (or a hapless student's) head the word "Unforgiven" appears. Also of note, there is a poster for "The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly" on that slanted ceiling above Anna's desk.

This is Jordy's 1:30-2:20 class. Aren't they cute?!

This is Jordy's 2:30-3:20 class in the Military Science building. Note the cold cinderblock walls, which make Jordy feel like he's at home.

This is Anna's 11:30-12:20 class. Note the shortage of women in the class. Actually, several students decided to come in late this day. But she still only has four girls in the class.

This is Anna's 2:30-3:20 class. Anna's best students are smiling big in the back row.

This is in the Business building, which is absolutely pimp because it's a "smart classroom," meaning that it's got built in DVD, CD, VCR, digitizer, computer access, and a badass sound system.

Jordy, meanwhile, teaches in the ghetto.

At the Pig Party with their backs to the bonfire, Anna, Darcy, Emma and her boyfriend, and Jenn try to keep their front-sides from freezing.

Meanwhile, on the porch Jordy and his band play on. Greg, the usual bassist, was sick with the flu, so Brandon, a second year graduate instructor sat in on guitar... and showed Jordy a thing or two!

Moments after this photo was taken, Jordy smashed his guitar on the porch, a la Pete Townsend and then threw the remains ceremoniously into the bonfire.

Just kidding.

This is from the dinner party with Mary, Melissa, and her husband John where, in addition to her first Utah apple pie, Anna also made the most incredible pork loin. We had a picture of it, but it looked so good that Jordy ate the picture. And the negative.


This and the below shirt came from fabric Anna purchased online. This elephant fabric was a surprise for Jordy, who loves it tremendously!

Finished just this week, Jordy's new whale shirt. At first, Jordy wasn't too keen on the fabric, but Anna knew it would make a stellar shirt, so she bought it and made it, and Jordy was very quick to change his tune. See how he's got his eyes closed in Slug Shirt Bliss?

With the mercury falling, it was time to break out the fall bedding. Pikachu and Charmander recline on our fabulously comfy (and warm) flannel comforter and sheets (a Christmas gift last year from Lana and Gary). Please note that the Siam Canopy still stands. It's really nice!

And we'll leave you with the view from outside our front door. This is also known as The Trail Of Tears... to the laundry room.

Have a happy Fall!!!

More pictures coming soon!