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Greeting from our new home on the Russian River! And we do have a few pictures of our new place (at the bottom). First, though we want to show off the fine time we had being Grown And Sexy Folk™ at Lisa and Matt's wedding!

There's Misha and.... introducing Jeany, Misha's girlfriend of a year now! She's an RN who recently relocated from Miami, FL to work at Stanford

And here we both couples showing off in front of the main house. The wedding was at Ardenwood in Fremont, and the weather and scenery collaborated to make for a wonderful day.

Anna was shooting with Gary's digital camera (since our film camera is out of commission), and like another wedding we went to, Anna loves to shoot things she thinks the photographer might miss, like the reception area before the wedding.

Here are Anna's cousin Casie with her husband, and another cousin, Luanna, holding Casie's baby, Madison.

And Anna's aunt (and Casie and Luanna's mom), Acya, her husband John, and their three boys, Shane, Tyler, and Kyle.

And a gathering of Anna's family wouldn't be complete without copious Russians. While the bridesmaids assembled in the far background, Boris, his mom, Nina, and Vlad and his mom Natasha mingle about.

But ultimately, a wedding is about the ceremony. Here Anna's cousin, Diane, and her daughter and flower girl, Maggie, start things off.

On one side, the bridesmaids awaiting the bride....

...And on the other, Matt and his groomsmen also awaiting the bride.

They didn't have to wait very long before Lisa and her father, John, arrived in a horse-drawn carriage.

John and Lisa


Given away by John, the ceremony now begins.

Lisa gives Matt his ring.

After a beautiful ceremony, Matt and lisa walk hand in hand, husband and wife.

From one who has put together a cake or two in her day, Anna declared this one (not her creation) beautiful! It was yummy, too!

Jordy discusses the ceremony with Natasha.

Acya steals a hug from her nephew, Misha.

While I respect Anna's photography skills. I do have to question her decision to capture me often at such unfortunate angles. Regardless, Jordy with bubbles.

Acya and Luanna hug.

They're so photogenic!! Can they possibly take a bad picture?!

Vlad with his wife Colleen, and their son Alex.

With light and our batteries failing, speeches and toasts were given, and we all danced the night away.

A big congratulations go out to the happy couple, Lisa and Matt. May many happy years find you, and thank you for throwing a wonderful wedding!

Meanwhile, in a little town along the Russian river called Guerneville, two cats enjoy a new liberty..

Far from the snowy winters (and fall, and spring...) of Utah, Shurik and Amaya bask in a sunny patch of carpet. But this happened in Utah, too.

But here's something that never happened in Utah. With Shurik and Amaya and all four-legged critters forbidden in Aggie Village, we had to keep them away from windows and prying eyes. No longer! Here Shurik enjoys the view from the office window.

Whoah! What does he see?!

Another thing we couldn't have in Utah was John's 100 gallon fish tank. We gave away our old fish tank, and the fish? Well, all drains lead to the ocean. Keep telling yourself that.

Anna's green thumb is still, well, green. The flower boxes are from Utah, the flowers are from here.

And it's a multi-level color display, as Anna took full advantage of the landing.

Flowers aren't the only thing that grows well here. This is the giant green ivy mass that dominates our view out our front windows. It will get a major haircut soon. Oh, yes.

Anna has always said that one of the things she's wanted all her life was a house flag. Well, we've got it now!

And the tour!

A messy office, but much bigger! This is looking straight in from the doorway. Our books made it from Utah!

And looking right from the doorway you can see we haven't yet gotten a curtain for the door window. But here's Anna's desk, our guitars, and even the flamingo lamp!

Turning around 180 degrees from the office, you see our main room. To the left is the front door, straight ahead is the kitchen. Next to the kitchen, our fish tank, and in front of that our new Royce love seat!

From the kitchen, you can see our main room with the television and such.

Fish tank, door to bathroom, chair. Very haiku-like, this caption is.

And we'll leave you at the foot of the stairs. We've got a disposable camera that's ready to be developed. We'll get that up as soon as possible. But we're back in California from Utah, and it's good to be back!