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Remember this?

This was the first shot on the disposable camera, and we don't remember shooting it because this is what things look like now...

That green stuff? Grass. Those trees and the lavender bushes are just starting to get buds. And the snow? It's gone. Gone, gone, gone..

Last time we brought you new pictures we promised more pictures of our cats -- note the plural. Shurik's still here, but so is...

Amaya! We don't have any pictures of her during her favorite pastime -- playing catch and bringing the ball back to us. For hours on end. It's weird.

Isn't she adorable?

While they do fight, they also like sleeping together. Here Shurik shuns Charles Wright's Negative Blue. Amaya's more interested in his poetry.


Here they are in a ying-yang position atop Anna's ever-growing afghan Methuselah.

This last Friday night we had wind. A lot of wind. The papers say we had 85 mph gusts. This tree will believe it. Here's a picture of the tree together. No more.

Oh, by the way, it's Sunday. The tree is still there. When exactly they'll get rid of it is anyone's guess.

This picture doesn't do this justice. This is a sandbox. Without sand. The wind carried it all off. A lot of it ended up on our porch. Unfortunately it portended something a lot worse.

Around midnight Friday night we received a call that gravel blown by the wind off the roof off the nearby apartment building and into our windows. Ten cars lost windows. Bu got the worst of it. Three windows.

I mentioned that it's Sunday. It's worse than that. Sunday in Utah means everything is closed. But it's also General Conference weekend, which means that nothing is open all weekend. Particularly glass stores. I found one that was open and these two windows he couldn't even quote me on because they'll have to get them through the dealership -- and they are, predictably, closed. Ballpark figure looks like $1000 at least.

We managed to sweep and vacuum out as much glass from the back.

This should be comfortable for the drive back to California. We did get as much as humanly possible out but anyone who's ever lost a window knows that you find bits of safety glass years later. This really sucks.

There's Bu under the cover. Monday I'll go down and get her fixed, but until then we didn't want to leave her wide open so we put her under a cover. The winds have been bad all weekend, but nowhere near Friday night's gales.

This is the lot Saturday afternoon. Bu was parked right next to that blue car still parked with its blown out back window. No one has returned. The glass on the ground has not been cleaned up, either.

There's nothing left to do with Bu this weekend, so we started packing. Actually, this picture is last week. We packed up our bedroom. Those are 12 garbage bags full of clothes that we cleared out and took down to the DI (Mormon Goodwill). Shurik liked climbing on the bags, though.

Oh, and take a look at the bookcases filled with books and stuff.

All the books and stuff are now in these boxes. We've gotten a whole lot of boxes from CampChef -- they're deep-fried turkey roaster boxes (which we no longer sell) -- they're a nice size and have reinforced bottoms. And the cats like them.

We're not packing here. No, we're building a massive Shurik jungle gym.

Next time we see you all we'll be unpacking at the Russian River house!

Wish us luck. 26 days left, a lot of packing to do, and three windows to repair. See everyone soon!